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AICEN sintered bronze porous components are made of spherical powders of bronze material. Shaped (without pressing) and sintered in the same mould. Sintering at a temperature below the bronze melting point makes strong bonding by diffusion throughout the structure of the component.
AICEN sintered bronze porous components are used in Filtration, Separation, Throttling, Dispersion, Damping, Protecting, Equalizing and Silencing, mainly as filters, to control fluid and gas flows, flame resistors, and silencers....

They possess the following essential properties:

1)Uniform pore distribution and controllable pore size
2)High separation reliability
3)High temperature and thermal shock resistance
4)The element can be machined or welded in case of need
5)Excellent resistance to heat, acid and corrosion
6)They can also be cleaned among other ways by reverse flushing

Flow properties of porous bronze components (air temp. 20, thickness 2.5mm)

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